Terms Of Service

1. General principles: Welcome to the various services provided by Beihailx. These terms of service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are an agreement between Beihailx and users, aiming to regulate the rights and obligations of both parties when using Beihailx services. Please be sure to read and understand these terms carefully before accepting and starting to use Beihailx services. Once you start using the Beihailx service, you are deemed to agree and accept the entire content of these terms.

2. Service content: Beihailx provides diversified services including but not limited to online shopping, information release, membership services, etc. The specific service content and functions are subject to announcements on the Beihailx official website, mobile applications, and other authorized channels.

3. User account:
1. Users need to register and obtain an account before using Beihailx services. Users must provide true, accurate, and complete personal information and be responsible for the security of their accounts and passwords.
2. Users are not allowed to transfer, rent, or lend their accounts, otherwise the users will be responsible for the consequences.

4. User code of conduct:
1. Users must abide by laws and regulations when using Beihailx services and are not allowed to publish or disseminate illegal, infringing, false, harassing, malicious software and other content.
2. Users should follow the normal transaction process when purchasing goods and are not allowed to abuse preferential measures, make false orders, and other behaviors that undermine the order of fair transactions.

5. Intellectual property rights: Beihailx and its affiliated companies own the intellectual property rights of service content, software, and related materials. Users are only entitled to use the service within the scope of use of the service and may not copy, disseminate, or use it for commercial purposes without permission.

6. Privacy protection: Beihailx respects and protects users' privacy rights. All information provided by users when using the service will be managed and used the "Beihailx privacy policy".

7. Service fees and payment:When users use paid services, they should pay fees according to the charging standards stipulated by Beihailx. Beihaix reserves the right to adjust service fees and will notify users through appropriate means before adjustment.

8. Service changes and termination:
1. Beihaix reserves the right to add, modify, suspend, or terminate some or all functions of the service based on business development needs, but will notify users in advance as much as possible.
2. If a user seriously violates these terms or relevant laws and regulations, Beihailx has the right to immediately terminate the service provided to the user and reserves the right to pursue legal liability.

9. Dispute resolution: Any dispute arising out of or related to these terms of service shall first be resolved through friendly negotiation between the two parties; if negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit with the court with jurisdiction where Beihailx is located.

10. Other matters not covered in these terms: Will be supplemented by announcements, supplementary agreements, operating guidelines, and other documents issued by Beihailx from time to time. Beihaix reserves the right to the interpretation of these terms and the right to modify them when necessary. The revised terms will be effective from the date of publication.