Intellectual Property Rights

1. Copyright statement:
1. The copyright of Beihailx website, mobile applications and all content provided (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, logo, design, interface, etc.) belongs to Beihailx and its content providers. Without the written permission of Beihailx, no one may copy, distribute, modify, display, publish, translate, disseminate, or create derivative works that Beihailx has in any form.

2. Trademark rights
1. "Beihailx" and its graphic marks, product, and service names are registered or unregistered trademarks of Beihailx. Without the prior written consent of Beihailx, no unit or individual may use, copy, imitate, or otherwise infringe Beihailx trademark rights without authorization.

3. Content uploaded by users:
2. The intellectual property rights of the content uploaded by users when using Beihailx services belong to the user himself or the original rights holder. By uploading content, the user indicates that he has obtained the necessary authorization and agrees to grant Beihailx technology permission to use, display, and disseminate the content in the process of providing services. However, users should ensure that the uploaded content does not infringe on the property rights of others, otherwise, the user will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

4. Complaints about intellectual property infringement:
1. Beihailx respects and protects all intellectual property rights. If a user believes that the content on the Beihailx platform infringes upon his or her intellectual property rights, please immediately provide specific infringement information and supporting materials through official customer service channels. We will handle it promptly according to relevant laws and regulations.

5. Disclaimer:
2. For any content published by users on the Beihailx platform that may infringe the intellectual property rights of others, beihailx will take necessary measures after receiving effective notification from the rights holder. However, Beihailx does not assume any responsibility for the authenticity, legality, accuracy, and source of content uploaded by users. We are responsible for any intellectual property disputes arising therefrom.