About Us

"Beihailx" was born from founder Juliana's persistent pursuit of fashion and quality. Juliana has been interested in beautiful clothing since she was a child. She majored in design in college. After graduation, she devoted herself to the design work of internationally renowned brands, accumulating rich industry experience and profound design skills.

In 2021, Juliana saw the vast potential of the domestic high-end dress market and the urgent need for personalized and high-quality services. So she returned to China to start a business and founded "Beihailx." The brand name "Beihailx" means the snow in the north, symbolizing purity, elegance, and luxury, consistent with the brand's commitment to creating pure, flawless, high-quality dresses.

In terms of products, "Beihailx" continues to introduce new products, designing diversified series covering evening gowns, bags, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc.; each work reflects the brand's unique understanding of fashion and tradition. At the same time, in response to market changes and customer needs, the store will launch an official website in 2022 to facilitate customers to browse product information anytime and anywhere. In addition, regular new product launch conferences held in the store also serve as a platform for interactive communication, allowing customers to appreciate the latest fashion trends while shopping.

From 2023 to 2024, "Beihailx" will further consolidate its status as a one-stop fashion service platform. We will continue to deepen our product lines and launch more high-end clothing series that integrate Eastern and Western aesthetics to provide customers with more personalized and exclusive products. -shopping experience. Based on the original evening dress, Behalis has further expanded the field of daily fashion clothing to ensure that customers can find satisfactory dressing solutions for various occasions.

We hope that in 2024 and beyond, we can surpass our peers in product quality and design and become a model of sustainable development and social responsibility in the industry. We firmly believe that every word of "Beihailx" should perfectly interpret aesthetic and moral values and convey our unremitting pursuit of excellent craftsmanship, unique style, and a green future. By continuously expanding our online and offline integrated retail network and establishing solid global partnerships, we aspire to become the preferred fashion lifestyle brand for consumers worldwide.